"Like a tree planted by streams of water" (Psalm 1:3)
About Our Facilitators, Shari and Jim Hobby
Our 36 years of multi-faceted ministry experience gives us unique insights into working with pastors. We have lead congregations as pastors (and as assistants), cared for and trained missionaries as part of the leadership of a sending agency, walked with people through the dying process as a hospice chaplain (Shari), and overseen a network of congregations as an Anglican bishop (Jim). We have encountered the Church’s splendor, along with her spots, wrinkles, and blemishes (Eph. 5:27). We get it!

Shari grew up as a missionary kid in Guatemala, settling in the United States to attend high school and Wheaton College. Her passion is nurturing the souls of Jesus’ friends, giving the kind of restorative care to others that she received (or wishes she had received!). One of her favorite nicknames is “Marmie” because her grandkids say it with such delight.

Jim came to faith in high school and attended Wheaton College, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and Trinity School for Ministry. As with Shari, the voice of his grandchildren crying “Papa” is a glimpse of the delight that our Father has for us as his children.
About Our Program

The Church experiencing God’s delight and serving the Lord with gladness, in fruitful partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Context (Need/Opportunity):
Many clergy, clergy spouses, and church leaders are wounded, weary, discouraged, and confused; with many of them contemplating stepping away from their callings.

To help Church leaders experience God’s delight and to serve Him with gladness.

  • High-heartedness (gladness, optimism, joy, hope, courage, peace)
  • Life-giving relationships (in marriages and among peers)
  • Humility, vulnerability, and inquisitiveness
  • Spirit-empowered, Christ-centered, biblically grounded, emotionally healthy leadership

Core Convictions:
  • Healthy local churches are tangible expressions of God’s kingdom and crucial to His mission.
  • God intends for ministry leaders in churches to thrive and to be fruitful as they serve the Lord with gladness; first, and foremost, in their marriages and in their families, then in their ministries.
  • Ministry in a fallen world is difficult, often leading to weariness, discouragement, and confusion which can lead to burnout, moral failure, and abandoning pastoral ministry or cross-cultural mission.
  • Nurturing hospitality and compassionate intercession together form a path to healing. Being heard and cared for amid weariness and pain opens doors for recovering joy and gladness.
  • Lament is a crucial tool for connection with God during painful and challenging times.
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